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ABC Nursery Pattaya was established in 2017 with the intention of providing an affordable pre-kindergarten school experience with international standard. Located in a central but yet quite area that offers an easy access for the parents and a safe place to learn for the children.

ABC Nursery is Swiss and Thai owned and managed.

                                                        Ms. Jaruwan Panbut (Khun Noi) is the co-owner, principal and the head teacher of the nursery.

                                                        She has 2 Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration from Nakhon PathomRajabhat University and in   

                                                       EarlyChildhood Education from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University and has been working in education for over 10                                                                    years. Herself a mother of two knows the challenges and the joy of being a parent.





Our teachers and staff members are chosen for their passion for education, love for children and dedication to meeting the developmental and educational needs of children.

We offer a well balanced curriculum teaching in Thai and English language suitable for Thai national and international children.


Our mission is to provide a safe and happy, stimulating environment with friendly, yet exciting atmosphere that empowers children with the tools to help them to reach their full potential for their next step.              

Focusing on the 4 areas of early childhood education physical development, emotional development, social development and intellectual  development  your child will improve/learn:

-  development fine and gross motor skills (physical development)

-  learn manners and patience

-  confidence and assertiveness

-   personal hygiene

-  talking and listening  

-   co-operation and take turns

-  express and formulate ideas

-   improve social skills

-  improve Languages skills in Thai and English , improve communication skills

-  fostering curiosity

-  honesty and integrity

-  learn alphabet and numbers learn the days of the week, the months

-  Mathematical awareness and logical thinking  

-  artistic creativity

Parents can feel relaxed in the knowledge that their child is in a well-supervised nursery, and can be assured that their child is receiving the highest quality of care.


As ABC is the start of the alphabet so will it be the start of the education of your beloved child. With our care your child will playfully learn and become more socially aware and develop emotionally. Their future relies on these crucial years of baby steps, learning self control, feelings, cooperation, motor development and interacting with adults and other children.

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A = Apple stands for care

Your child's health and safety is our highest priority. It's our promise to ourselves and the families we serve.

Cleanliness and hygiene require constant vigilance from all our staff.

We provide healthy and nutritious lunches and snacks and teach kids the importance of making healthy food choices themselves. And we stress the role that exercise and physical activity play in staying healthy and fit, setting your child up for a lifetime of good habits      



B = Ball stands for play

Your child’s happiness is our top priority. For young children, play is the natural path children take to learning. The most effective way for children to learn new skills is through guided play. Our caring and dedicated staff has many years of experience to teach your child in a fun and loving way. With specific selected materials/toys and playing methods we will stimulate fun and relaxation and ensure your child wants to come to ABC Nursery every  day.


C = Cat stands for learn   

Your child’s education is our top priority.  Our curriculum is designed to provide a learning environment of the highest standard for your child. We incorporated elements of various teaching approaches from Switzerland and Thailand and developmental psychology methods of i.e. Montessori philosophy. A best selection of many systems, tailor made to bring out the best of children abilities and develop to full potential. We meet the national standard requirements of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) and Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA).


What makes a Child smart ?How can we help ?




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